Boys Next Door Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey Hung Horny Lads, Sucking, and Arse Play

Horny, well hung chav lads, Jason O’Connor and Ben Grey, have a seriously hot hook up starting off with plenty of mutual nipple sucking and dick groping with their big cocks hard and throbbing under their trackie bottoms right from the start. Ben drops to his knees because he clearly loves getting Jason’s massive knob as deep into his throat as he can.  He cant quite manage it all, but has a damn good time trying.

Jason gets on his knees and gives Ben’s thick and meaty dick a nice sloppy deep sucking and gets his face fucked a bit. On the sofa now, Jason sits back to get his schlong serviced a bit more, then grips Ben’s head to fuck his mouth hard and fast.

Laying on his back with his legs wide apart, Ben shows off his hairy hole, pushing his fat hard dick up between his legs as Jason goes to work on his hole, rubbing plenty of spit in, then giving him a good deep fingering, preparing that juicy hole for a good hard fucking….

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