Boys Next Door James Castle and Logan Moore: Kristen Bjorn’s Raw Adventures, sc. 4 – Photobooth

James and Logan are two fuck buddies out having a fun day. When they pass a photo booth in the metro they stop for some fun and daring photos. Both guys suck each other’s meaty cocks for the camera before heading home where they can really get down to business and raw. Logan begins by tongue fucking James’ perfect pink hole. Logan senses that James is primed at this point and shoves his raw cock deep inside of his well lubed ass.  Logan’s eyes roll back as he is overwhelmed with the incredible sensation of his bareback cock fucking that perfect hole. James begs for more and Logan delivers by pounding him harder and deeper. Logan then flips James and squats down onto his throbbing cock. Logan rides James’ cock hard and pleasures himself with each rhythmic thrust. Logan’s balls are drawn up tight, and his cock is rock solid as James picks up the tempo and fucks him even harder. James has fucked himself into a frenzy and blows his huge load all over Logan’s abs and chest. He coats his cock with his cum and shoves it back into Logan’s ass. This pushes Logan over the edge as he shoots his cream load all over James’ chest.

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