Helix Real Cam: Andy Taylor and Kody Knight

Under the careful sexual guidance of Andy Taylor, small town boy Kody Knight begins his career in porn and loses his virginity at the same time. Dream boy Andy savors the experience of deflowering the handsome young jock. Both eager to get the scene started, it isn’t long before these two fill their eager mouths with each other’s throbbing cocks. Andy assumes all positions possible to make sure that Kody’s first time is an experience to remember.

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The Art of Breaking Up: Helix’s Alex Greene and Liam Harkmoore

Evan wants to get out of town for the weekend to clear his head and asks his brother Alex Greene to housesit for him. Evan’s jock neighbor Liam Harkmoore knows Evan has been been melancholy and pops in with a bottle of wine to cheer him up but is surprised to find the hunky Alex taking a nap. Liam has a new idea how to spend the evening and gets his wish with a night of fun with Alex’s giant cock in his mouth and tight pink hole. His own big dick flops up and down as he bounces on top of Alex’s fat pole making this encounter a match made in heaven!

Link on Helix Studioshx105_scene34_001 hx105_scene34_002 hx105_scene34_003 hx105_scene34_004 hx105_scene34_005 hx105_scene34_006 hx105_scene34_007 hx105_scene34_008 hx105_scene34_009 hx105_scene34_010 hx105_scene34_011 hx105_scene34_012 hx105_scene34_013 hx105_scene34_014 hx105_scene34_015 hx105_scene34_016 hx105_scene34_017 hx105_scene34_018 hx105_scene34_019 hx105_scene34_020 hx105_scene34_021 hx105_scene34_022 hx105_scene34_023 hx105_scene34_024 hx105_scene34_025 hx105_scene34_026 hx105_scene34_027 hx105_scene34_028 hx105_scene34_029 hx105_scene34_030 hx105_scene34_031 hx105_scene34_032 hx105_scene34_033 hx105_scene34_034 hx105_scene34_035 hx105_scene34_036

Flip-Fuck For Fun

These two Latinos aren’t in the kitchen, but they are cooking up something “caliente.” SDBoy.com has Darwin, in the white underwear, and Ethan, in the blue underwear, here for some flip-fuck-fun. Ethan is first to suck; he pulls back Darwin’s foreskin and sucks fully on the glistening head. Slapping his friend on the ass, Darwin then fingers and proceeds to enter Ethan, riding atop. Sliding in and out with such ease, I think these two have been “cooking” for a while.

Flipping Ethan over, Darwin thrust from behind, in several positions. At one point, Ethan has to  brace himself against the couch, while enjoying the fast-ass-fucking. Taking over, Ethan works his very thick cock into Darwin’s hole; it takes a bit, but the sensation is worth it. Slowing the pace, Ethan pumps all the cum out of his partner. He then jacks off, leans over Darwin, and coats the boy with “leche.”

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Seth Chase’s Raw Load Swapping

I previously filmed Mitchel Knight for one of our other sites, SUCKoffGUYS.com. In that video he fed Aaron French two loads of his spunk. After watching his loads fly into Aaron’s mouth just inches from my face, I definitely had to get in on the cum swapping action with this young hottie.

Mitchel had so much fun in that shoot, that he said he wanted to come back and this time get fucked raw & swap loads with both Aaron myself. Fantastic!

Aaron is first up to tap Mitchelís ass. Aaron does an amazing job drilling his cock deep into Mitchel. First from behind, then from above. Aaron hops off Mitchel. Now it’s my turn!

Even with being warmed up by Aaron, I have to take it pretty slow at first as Mitch struggles a bit to take my cock.

I squeeze some clear pre-cum out of my shaft and lube up Mitchelís hole. Pre-cum (and cum) really is natureís best lube after all. I re-insert my pre-cum dripping cock and with the added natural lube, Mitchel it able to take me really deep.

Mitchel, needing to give his hole a little break, jumps off my cock and immediately starts sucking me, getting a nice taste of my pre-cum & his own ass juice too.

Now, Mitchel hops on top of Aaron & inserts his, uncut dick. Mitchel and & I take turns drilling Aaron’s ass, raw.

With Aaron on his back and Mitchel drilling away, Aaron pops off his load on Mitchel’s belly.

Mitchel takes Aaronís cum and slathers it all over his cock. He sticks it back in Aaronís hole and fucks him with his own cum. Mitch pulls out and immediately sticks his dick in Aaronís mouth. Mitch then jumps around and takes Aaronís cum dripping cock in his mouth and does a nice job of cleaning off all the remaining semen.

Mitchel lays back and I hop on for another ride. After I pound from above, we switch and now I lay back & Mitchel sits on my cock. He guides my throbbing dick back in his hole. He rides me for a bit before turning over on his hands and knees. I can sense that he’s totally ready to get filled up with my load.

I drill Mitchel’s ass from behind until I can’t hold back any longer. I blast Mitchelís hole with a nice big load. White ropes of jizz shoot from my cock, onto his hole and some up his back.

Some of my cum drips down Mitchelís back, to his crack, coating his gaping man-hole. Mitchel takes his fingers and shoves some of my cum in his ass and fingers himself with it. I re-insert my cum dripping dick being sure to milk out the last last remaining drops of jizz oozing out of my shaft. I push into Mitchel as deep as I can go before pulling out.

Aaron, wanting to also get some jizz in his ass, scoops up some of my cum that had landed on Mitchel’s back. He takes my semen, lubes up his ass just before Mitchel sticks his cock in again.

Now, with Mitchel using my cum as lube to fuck Aaron, he pounds & pounds until he’s ready to explode. He shoots his load all over Aaron’s hole. Wanting to get Mitchís cum deep inside, Aaron tells him to stick it in again. Mitch re-inserts and pushes his jizz in as deep as he can go. He pumps Aaronís ass making sure he leaves a nice amount of cum deep inside.

Everyone is left drained, filled with each-other’s cum & all smiles.

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Jordan Fox & Oscar Roberts – Thick Dicked Power Top Dominates Athletic Young Hottie from Hot Brits

Thick dicked power top Jordan Fox dominates athletic young hottie Oscar Roberts in this very hot scene. After some nipple play and hard bulge groping, the lads get their dicks out, both are hung and uncut, Jordans is super thick.. Getting on his knees Oscar sucks the fat meat, getting his throat fucked in the process..

On the sofa they suck some more, Jordan is pretty rough and forceful… Then he plays with Oscars arse, spitting onto his hole then pushing the spit in with his thumb, stretching his hole.. Eager to fuck now, Jordan fucks him on the floor first, and Oscar can only just handle the hefty girth… Next, Oscar is up against the sofa for a harder, deeper fuck..

Laying on his back now, Oscar takes a final pounding as Jordan bangs his hole some more, his muscles bulging and shiny with sweat.. Unable to hold off any longer, Oscar jerks himself off as Jordan fucks him, shooting plenty of thick cum over himself.. Jordan pulls out and stands over him, wanking his thick meat hard till he spunks his load over Oscars cum drenched six pack.

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JordanFox_OscarRoberts_007 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_035 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_089 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_110 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_138 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_205 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_284 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_306 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_323 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_401 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_403 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_425 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_460 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_498 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_519 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_560 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_600 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_643 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_682 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_718 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_728 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_785 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_826 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_841 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_871

Bel Ami Jack van Sant and Gino Mosca

It’s a classic Blond vs Brunette encounter here…Jaco van Sant normally prefers to bottom, but not when he sees Gino Mosca. They hit it off quite well, working over each others bodies for a bit until Jaco decides to take the initiative and make Gino’s ass his toy. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from BelAmiOnline.com!

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Messing Around with Evan Parker and Sage Porter

Evan Parker and Sage Porter are enjoying a quiet evening messing around on Xbox and stealing sly glances at each other’s firm asses. The flirty fuck buddies begin getting in the mood but the small talk turns serious when Sage asks Evan about his recent relationship issues. With something obviously weighing on him, Evan brushes off the question and distracts himself with Sage’s supple lips and sweet cock. The boys fall blissfully into bed kissing every inch of each other’s smooth skin until Evan finally puts Sage into his favorite fucking position and pounds his tight hole all evening.

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hx105_scene29_001 hx105_scene29_002 hx105_scene29_003 hx105_scene29_004 hx105_scene29_005 hx105_scene29_006 hx105_scene29_007 hx105_scene29_008 hx105_scene29_009 hx105_scene29_010 hx105_scene29_011 hx105_scene29_012 hx105_scene29_013 hx105_scene29_014 hx105_scene29_015 hx105_scene29_016 hx105_scene29_017 hx105_scene29_018 hx105_scene29_019 hx105_scene29_020 hx105_scene29_021 hx105_scene29_022 hx105_scene29_023 hx105_scene29_024 hx105_scene29_025 hx105_scene29_026 hx105_scene29_027

Swapping Selfies from Helix Studios

Alex Jordan makes his Helix Studios debut when Jessie Montgomery lures the brunette boy to his apartment with a picture of his thick horny dick. Alex replies to Jessie’s booty call by sending back a selfie of his supple willing ass and the hook-up is on! The smooth studs get to know each other by trading introductory blowjobs before grinding it out bareback in this sexy new scene.

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hx105_scene43_001 hx105_scene43_002 hx105_scene43_003 hx105_scene43_004 hx105_scene43_005 hx105_scene43_006 hx105_scene43_007 hx105_scene43_008 hx105_scene43_009 hx105_scene43_010 hx105_scene43_011 hx105_scene43_012 hx105_scene43_013 hx105_scene43_014 hx105_scene43_015 hx105_scene43_016 hx105_scene43_017 hx105_scene43_018 hx105_scene43_019 hx105_scene43_020 hx105_scene43_021 hx105_scene43_022 hx105_scene43_023 hx105_scene43_024 hx105_scene43_025 hx105_scene43_026


Felix Webster and Mike Sage

When Felix Webster comes out of his room, he finds fellow twink roomie, Mike Sage, sitting on the stairs. Except he’s not just sitting. The horny twink is reading a magazine and stroking his cock. Felix, in his black and red jockstrap, sees the perfect opportunity to get off and offers up a big fat dick with very big balls for Mike to service. Felix returns the favor, sucking Mike’s curved cock before having a bit of sword play as they kiss. When Felix sits on the stairs, Mike straddles him and lowers his ass onto Felix’s face. The handsome young man then sweetly devours the tiny, puckered entrance while milking Mike’s cock in a mouth watering display. And then it’s time for the most wonderful experience of both their lives…Felix sliding his fat, lubed up raw piece of meat up Mike’s VERY hungry hole. Felix pounds away at Mike, who hangs on to the railing with a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. After hammering him while bent over, Felix gets Mike on his back and plugs away. They switch it up once more, this time with Mike riding Felix, before Mike unloads. Felix eats Mike’s cum before unleashing a load of his own all over Mike’s thick red lips and on his face, before ending with a sticky kiss that allows them both to taste the others jizz.

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