Bel Ami Jack van Sant and Gino Mosca

It’s a classic Blond vs Brunette encounter here…Jaco van Sant normally prefers to bottom, but not when he sees Gino Mosca. They hit it off quite well, working over each others bodies for a bit until Jaco decides to take the initiative and make Gino’s ass his toy. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!

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Messing Around with Evan Parker and Sage Porter

Evan Parker and Sage Porter are enjoying a quiet evening messing around on Xbox and stealing sly glances at each other’s firm asses. The flirty fuck buddies begin getting in the mood but the small talk turns serious when Sage asks Evan about his recent relationship issues. With something obviously weighing on him, Evan brushes off the question and distracts himself with Sage’s supple lips and sweet cock. The boys fall blissfully into bed kissing every inch of each other’s smooth skin until Evan finally puts Sage into his favorite fucking position and pounds his tight hole all evening.

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Swapping Selfies from Helix Studios

Alex Jordan makes his Helix Studios debut when Jessie Montgomery lures the brunette boy to his apartment with a picture of his thick horny dick. Alex replies to Jessie’s booty call by sending back a selfie of his supple willing ass and the hook-up is on! The smooth studs get to know each other by trading introductory blowjobs before grinding it out bareback in this sexy new scene.

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Felix Webster and Mike Sage

When Felix Webster comes out of his room, he finds fellow twink roomie, Mike Sage, sitting on the stairs. Except he’s not just sitting. The horny twink is reading a magazine and stroking his cock. Felix, in his black and red jockstrap, sees the perfect opportunity to get off and offers up a big fat dick with very big balls for Mike to service. Felix returns the favor, sucking Mike’s curved cock before having a bit of sword play as they kiss. When Felix sits on the stairs, Mike straddles him and lowers his ass onto Felix’s face. The handsome young man then sweetly devours the tiny, puckered entrance while milking Mike’s cock in a mouth watering display. And then it’s time for the most wonderful experience of both their lives…Felix sliding his fat, lubed up raw piece of meat up Mike’s VERY hungry hole. Felix pounds away at Mike, who hangs on to the railing with a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. After hammering him while bent over, Felix gets Mike on his back and plugs away. They switch it up once more, this time with Mike riding Felix, before Mike unloads. Felix eats Mike’s cum before unleashing a load of his own all over Mike’s thick red lips and on his face, before ending with a sticky kiss that allows them both to taste the others jizz.

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Ennio Guardi & Vadim Farrell – CondomFree

Ennio Guardi is quite unusual for a BelAmi model, he is one guy we have used quite regularly, but never had on an exclusive contract, so he has quite a few scenes filmed for other studios. It is always a joy to work with him as he always gives 100% of himself into any scene he does, and this one with Vadim Farrell is no exception. Normally we use Ennio as a top, but in this condom free update he is bottoming for Vadim. Both guys have an incredible physique and an enjoyment of energetic sex. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!


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Sergi Rodriguez solo – Masculine, Big Muscle, Bottom Lad, Poses, Flexes & Shoots His Load.

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi is a handsome lad, not tall, but his muscles are huge. Taking off his sports vest, he shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps, tensing his hairy chest with beefy bulging pecs.. His legs are huge too.. He is very confident and puts on an awesome show..

Sergi strips to his skimpy briefs and gropes his bulge, getting it hard in his undies, then pulls them off, and starts working his juicy uncut meat.. He pours lube over it, rubs it in, jerking off slow, then gives us some hot hands free action as he flexes his muscles, hard on permantently throbbing.. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs, then stands for more cock play and muscle flexing..

On the sofa now, Sergi strokes his dick and rubs his hole with the other hand, then continues working on his hard cock, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles to the camera.. Then builds up to a very hot climax as he shoots his thick white juice over his bulging six pack..
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Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone Flip-Fuck!

Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone are a real-life couple, and after watching them fuck, you’ll immediately know why. The way their bodies move and flow together just seems so effortless, and you can tell there’s real passion when they kiss.

Brandon’s been working in the industry for a while, but this marks one of Samuel’s first scenes. Samuel is no amateur to sex, though, so it’s always extra hot to see a new guy express himself on camera the first few times — especially when he’s actually dating the guy. And even though he’s the quiet type, Samuel released all inhibitions when he started pounding Brandon. Similarly, Brandon sure had fun turning the tables when Samuel started riding his cock!

Interestingly, Samuel finished with Brandon’s dick firmly up his ass — he even let Brandon give him a nice facial at the end. I guess it just goes to show that any guy can start as the aggressor and finish with a load on his chin when he’s in love!

IMG_4422 IMG_4440 IMG_4444 IMG_4454 IMG_4459 IMG_4498 IMG_4507 IMG_4510 IMG_4514 IMG_4518 IMG_4522 IMG_4526 IMG_4531 IMG_4540 IMG_4548 IMG_4556 IMG_4566 IMG_4570 IMG_4583 IMG_4600 IMG_4605 IMG_4607 IMG_4622 IMG_4631 IMG_4639 IMG_4642 IMG_4645 IMG_4664 IMG_4666 IMG_4676 IMG_4686 IMG_4689 IMG_4704 IMG_4710 IMG_4754 IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4767 IMG_4774 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4810 IMG_4823 IMG_4856 IMG_4874 IMG_4891 IMG_4902 IMG_4923 IMG_4932 IMG_4948 IMG_4972

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Researchers Say That Penis Size DOES Matter in the Locker Room!

UK sports sociologist, Dr. Chris Morriss-Roberts is delving deeply into the role penis size plays in the dynamic between teammates in sports.

It may come as no surprise that Morriss-Roberts’ research has determined that the bigger the athlete’s penis, the higher his standing in the “cockocracy.”

The research suggested that men look at each other’s cocks, as a gauge to see how big or small they are, comparing themselves to the rest of the team or men in the locker room. The activity of checking out each other occurred irrelevant of sexuality and the type of sport; all participants noted that they looked at each other’s cocks in the locker room.

This knowing of who has a large cock and who didn’t within a homosocial environment helped individual sporting males climb up a social hierarchy of importance. Those with the larger penises were revered and idolized by their teammates as a symbol of masculinity. These “large-cocked” individuals became a focus of camaraderie and team building within their sports environments. The cock became a focus on which to banter, create nicknames, and enjoy the fundamental basics of being a man. Two nicknames that were mentioned included “schlonger” and the “biggest dick in Scottish basketball.”

Boris Orla and Darius Rider

Muscle bottom Darius Rider was so horny after his workout that he had to service some hot raw cock and fast! He got his buddy, Boris Orla to come over and drop his shorts only to shove his fat uncut man meat in Darius’s face.  Darius swallowed that muscle cock with pleasure but what he really wanted was it raw and up his boy butt! As soon as that fucker was rock hard Darius sat on it and let it go deep while his own cock got even harder.  He then hopped off and wrapped his lips around that cock again to taste his own sweet boy hole but Boris order him back on his raw cock until he was finished!pepa9376 pepa9381 pepa9393 pepa9396 pepa9408 pepa9431 pepa9434 pepa9435 pepa9439 pepa9460 pepa9474 pepa9477