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Messing Around with Evan Parker and Sage Porter

Evan Parker and Sage Porter are enjoying a quiet evening messing around on Xbox and stealing sly glances at each other’s firm asses. The flirty fuck buddies begin getting in the mood but the small talk turns serious when Sage asks Evan about his recent relationship issues. With something obviously weighing on him, Evan brushes off the question and distracts himself with Sage’s supple lips and sweet cock. The boys fall blissfully into bed kissing every inch of each other’s smooth skin until Evan finally puts Sage into his favorite fucking position and pounds his tight hole all evening.

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Felix Webster and Mike Sage

When Felix Webster comes out of his room, he finds fellow twink roomie, Mike Sage, sitting on the stairs. Except he’s not just sitting. The horny twink is reading a magazine and stroking his cock. Felix, in his black and red jockstrap, sees the perfect opportunity to get off and offers up a big fat dick with very big balls for Mike to service. Felix returns the favor, sucking Mike’s curved cock before having a bit of sword play as they kiss. When Felix sits on the stairs, Mike straddles him and lowers his ass onto Felix’s face. The handsome young man then sweetly devours the tiny, puckered entrance while milking Mike’s cock in a mouth watering display. And then it’s time for the most wonderful experience of both their lives…Felix sliding his fat, lubed up raw piece of meat up Mike’s VERY hungry hole. Felix pounds away at Mike, who hangs on to the railing with a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. After hammering him while bent over, Felix gets Mike on his back and plugs away. They switch it up once more, this time with Mike riding Felix, before Mike unloads. Felix eats Mike’s cum before unleashing a load of his own all over Mike’s thick red lips and on his face, before ending with a sticky kiss that allows them both to taste the others jizz.

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Leo Marco and Michel Rudin

Dark hair all round as sexy young French twink Leo Marco looks to get taught some new tricks from hairy and hunky Italian muscle man Michel Rudin.  After a quick interview the boys are hard at it on Leo’s bed.  Already bursting from his short, Michel’s hairy chest is adored by smooth young Leo who works his way down his buff manly torso to his rock solid and nicely thick dick.  Lapping at the shaft which is nearly as big as his own head, Leo takes as much as he can down his throat, with Michel’s hand resting on the back of his neck, guiding him down onto it.  Resting back and loving the oral he’s getting, we’re treated to more looks of this hairy stud, from his fuzzy pits, tailored stubble and furry pecs, all whilst he fucks Leo’s face!  Pulling Leo up onto all fours, Michel takes his twink doggy, Leo’s slim frame fitting easily into Michel’s hands as he works the horny twink back and forth onto him, Leo loving every second he’s getting fucked, and Michel loving the feeling of his smooth skin, tight under his grip.  As he’s flipped over, Leo is fucked into the bed until he shoots a brilliant white load over himself, and Michel continues to fuck him until he’s ready to shoot too, pulling out and massing his bulging head until he too covers Leo’s freshly fucked stomach and cock.1-07 1-08 1-09 1-10 img_0400 img_0426 img_0431 img_0455 img_0492 img_0520 img_0552 img_0588 img_0634 img_0651 img_0738

Gino & Adam

When 2 guys are so hot for each other that even 3 horny Hungarians jerking off in a bed together is not enough to tempt them, you know that there must be something special going on. Such is the case with Adam and Gino today, with the boys determined to find somewhere private to make out. Also for Gino its not just making out that he wants, its Adams big uncut cock raw in his ass that he truly desires.

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Kris & Marcel

Today we kick off a month of romance & special night scenes in honor of Valentines Day. In this episode we have last weeks break out star Pin-Up, Marcel Gassion with superstar Kris Evans in the first of our night scenes. Filming at night gives us a chance to play with lighting that we are not afforded during day time shoots, and the results can be softer and more romantic. Watch as the sparks fly, not to mention the cum in this condom free scene. Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!

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