Bareback Fucking Boys Next Door Colton Raw

The last time I saw Colton I hooked up with him, sucked him off, and swallowed every drop of his cum.  I then creamed Colton when he took a huge load of mine down his throat. I guess the only thing left is for me to stuff his guts with my sperm!

When Colton arrived for his big day of raw bareback fucking, he kept talking about how surprised he was about the amount of cum there was to swallow the last time we got together. When it comes to fucking, Colton is normally a top.  He said he couldn’t wait to get every drop of my big load shot deep into his guts.

Colton sucked on my cock just enough to get me hard and then we didn’t waste any time. Colton dropped his pants and bent over.

The underwear he showed up in was definitely made for fucking with a nice, big  fuck-hole cut out in the back. Of course, I immediately stuck my cock through the fuck-hole and start warming up Colton’s jucy man-hole.

I squeezed out some pre-cum from my cock to lube up Colton’s hole. Since Colton is normally a top, I start slow. I want to make this fuck-session last! I start pumping his ass, going in a little deeper with each thrust. I have to say Colton is pretty good at bottoming. I think he should definitely take cock up his ass more often.

We switch positions a few times. I lay down and he rides me, then he lays on his back and I pound his ass super deep. Colton can really take it. This guy is not only hot, he can fuck!

Next, Seth slides off Colton’s underwear, re-mounts and continues to pound Colton’s butt.

We switch to doggy style and then I drill Colton from behind. I go faster and faster and am getting really close to busting. By the look on Colton’s face you can tell he wants to feel my load being shot up his ass so bad.

As I am pumping my cock in Colton’s sweet ass, cum starts to shoot. The first stream lands on his hole, then I make sure to release the rest deep inside his ass. I pump really deep as I can feel jizz shooting out of my cock. This load is there to stay!

When I’m sure every drop has been deposited, I slide my cum glistening cock out of Colton. He fine ass is  filled to the rim as some of my load starts to bubble out of his hole.

Colton’s ass is completely covered in my cum, inside and out. This was one of the best raw fucks I’ve had in a while. I can’t wait to hook-up and swap loads bareback style with this stud again.

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