Flip-Fuck For Fun

These two Latinos aren’t in the kitchen, but they are cooking up something “caliente.” SDBoy.com has Darwin, in the white underwear, and Ethan, in the blue underwear, here for some flip-fuck-fun. Ethan is first to suck; he pulls back Darwin’s foreskin and sucks fully on the glistening head. Slapping his friend on the ass, Darwin then fingers and proceeds to enter Ethan, riding atop. Sliding in and out with such ease, I think these two have been “cooking” for a while.

Flipping Ethan over, Darwin thrust from behind, in several positions. At one point, Ethan has to  brace himself against the couch, while enjoying the fast-ass-fucking. Taking over, Ethan works his very thick cock into Darwin’s hole; it takes a bit, but the sensation is worth it. Slowing the pace, Ethan pumps all the cum out of his partner. He then jacks off, leans over Darwin, and coats the boy with “leche.”

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