Hot Bare Bears

After Buster McNastee busts his nasty with Tristan Riant, the Bear Rider hopeful is out the door, leaving the group leader to have more bareback fun with real-life couple Amir Badri and Matthieu Angel. Now, in part two of this incredibly hot fuckfest, all thoughts of joining the Bear Riders is gone from the minds of the two hairy pig bears as they focus on how good it feels to have a thick, stiff cock in the mouth and up the ass. Now the fun can truly begin and Tristan enjoys tag teaming each partner in turn, moving where his spirit, or in this case his cock, moves him. Stretching their hungry manholes with his thick tool, Tristan pounds away, using the willing sex fiends and gets off on them begging for more daddy cock. After all, who isn’t thrilled to hear a good cock whore plead for what he needs most? Tag team fucking and plenty of spit roasting leave Amir and Matthieu further cemented and connected with a fresh load of DNA between them!

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