Jock Inn | Get Fruity – Starring JP Dubois and Justin Blake

Hot-headed chef Justin isn’t getting any of the good stuff from his girl at home and he’s frequently lashing out at the waiting staff at the Jock Inn. Frustrated and horny he makes a little time after service to relieve some tension. If he cant get it from his missus at home he’ll just have to… improvise? Picking a particularly good looking watermelon out of the fridge, he cuts a cocksized hole out of the hard exterior and gouges enough of the flesh out to fit his super long dick inside! Service is over and he’s not expecting anyone to come in the kitchen, naturally he’s gonna get caught! JP walks in on him doing the nasty with a prime piece of fruit, shocked at first he pulls out and tells him to ‘Fuck off’, it doesn’t take long for JP to get on his knees and do a far better job! Sucking him deep he gets him harder than he was before. JP tells him he’s going to do ‘something his girlfriend can’t do’, i.e. fuck him! Bending him over the cold steel surfaces of the kitchen he takes advantage of his horny state. Service is well and truly back on!Get-Fruity02 Get-Fruity03 Get-Fruity07 Get-Fruity09 Get-Fruity10 Get-Fruity12 Get-Fruity14 Get-Fruity15 Get-Fruity17 Get-Fruity18 Get-Fruity20 Get-Fruity21 Get-Fruity23 Get-Fruity24 Get-Fruity25 jock-inn_get-fruity