Jordan Fox & Oscar Roberts – Thick Dicked Power Top Dominates Athletic Young Hottie from Hot Brits

Thick dicked power top Jordan Fox dominates athletic young hottie Oscar Roberts in this very hot scene. After some nipple play and hard bulge groping, the lads get their dicks out, both are hung and uncut, Jordans is super thick.. Getting on his knees Oscar sucks the fat meat, getting his throat fucked in the process..

On the sofa they suck some more, Jordan is pretty rough and forceful… Then he plays with Oscars arse, spitting onto his hole then pushing the spit in with his thumb, stretching his hole.. Eager to fuck now, Jordan fucks him on the floor first, and Oscar can only just handle the hefty girth… Next, Oscar is up against the sofa for a harder, deeper fuck..

Laying on his back now, Oscar takes a final pounding as Jordan bangs his hole some more, his muscles bulging and shiny with sweat.. Unable to hold off any longer, Oscar jerks himself off as Jordan fucks him, shooting plenty of thick cum over himself.. Jordan pulls out and stands over him, wanking his thick meat hard till he spunks his load over Oscars cum drenched six pack.

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