Sergi Rodriguez solo – Masculine, Big Muscle, Bottom Lad, Poses, Flexes & Shoots His Load.

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi is a handsome lad, not tall, but his muscles are huge. Taking off his sports vest, he shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps, tensing his hairy chest with beefy bulging pecs.. His legs are huge too.. He is very confident and puts on an awesome show..

Sergi strips to his skimpy briefs and gropes his bulge, getting it hard in his undies, then pulls them off, and starts working his juicy uncut meat.. He pours lube over it, rubs it in, jerking off slow, then gives us some hot hands free action as he flexes his muscles, hard on permantently throbbing.. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs, then stands for more cock play and muscle flexing..

On the sofa now, Sergi strokes his dick and rubs his hole with the other hand, then continues working on his hard cock, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles to the camera.. Then builds up to a very hot climax as he shoots his thick white juice over his bulging six pack..
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