Tobias James Nails Andrew Strong! Cocky Boys!

Tobias James is still a relative newbie to the porn industry, but he’s quickly becoming a pro. He’s the quiet and mysterious type until he’s around an eager bottom with a bubble butt, and Andrew Strong is exactly that kind of guy — he’s very flirty, charismatic, and loves to get fucked.

Andrew first thought he’d give Tobias’ cock a little test drive, sucking him off to see how loud he could make him moan. His blowjob skills seemed to be pretty top notch, because after a while Tobias couldn’t resist spreading open Andrew’s legs and rimming him against a chair. Andrew was pretty tight at first when Tobias first started fucking him, but that quickly changed when Tobias picked Andrew up completely off the ground with his dick still firmly inside.

Tobias might seem tough as nails, but he’s all smiles when a hot bottom like Andrew gets him off!

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