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Seth Chase’s Raw Load Swapping

I previously filmed Mitchel Knight for one of our other sites, In that video he fed Aaron French two loads of his spunk. After watching his loads fly into Aaron’s mouth just inches from my face, I definitely had to get in on the cum swapping action with this young hottie.

Mitchel had so much fun in that shoot, that he said he wanted to come back and this time get fucked raw & swap loads with both Aaron myself. Fantastic!

Aaron is first up to tap Mitchelís ass. Aaron does an amazing job drilling his cock deep into Mitchel. First from behind, then from above. Aaron hops off Mitchel. Now it’s my turn!

Even with being warmed up by Aaron, I have to take it pretty slow at first as Mitch struggles a bit to take my cock.

I squeeze some clear pre-cum out of my shaft and lube up Mitchelís hole. Pre-cum (and cum) really is natureís best lube after all. I re-insert my pre-cum dripping cock and with the added natural lube, Mitchel it able to take me really deep.

Mitchel, needing to give his hole a little break, jumps off my cock and immediately starts sucking me, getting a nice taste of my pre-cum & his own ass juice too.

Now, Mitchel hops on top of Aaron & inserts his, uncut dick. Mitchel and & I take turns drilling Aaron’s ass, raw.

With Aaron on his back and Mitchel drilling away, Aaron pops off his load on Mitchel’s belly.

Mitchel takes Aaronís cum and slathers it all over his cock. He sticks it back in Aaronís hole and fucks him with his own cum. Mitch pulls out and immediately sticks his dick in Aaronís mouth. Mitch then jumps around and takes Aaronís cum dripping cock in his mouth and does a nice job of cleaning off all the remaining semen.

Mitchel lays back and I hop on for another ride. After I pound from above, we switch and now I lay back & Mitchel sits on my cock. He guides my throbbing dick back in his hole. He rides me for a bit before turning over on his hands and knees. I can sense that he’s totally ready to get filled up with my load.

I drill Mitchel’s ass from behind until I can’t hold back any longer. I blast Mitchelís hole with a nice big load. White ropes of jizz shoot from my cock, onto his hole and some up his back.

Some of my cum drips down Mitchelís back, to his crack, coating his gaping man-hole. Mitchel takes his fingers and shoves some of my cum in his ass and fingers himself with it. I re-insert my cum dripping dick being sure to milk out the last last remaining drops of jizz oozing out of my shaft. I push into Mitchel as deep as I can go before pulling out.

Aaron, wanting to also get some jizz in his ass, scoops up some of my cum that had landed on Mitchel’s back. He takes my semen, lubes up his ass just before Mitchel sticks his cock in again.

Now, with Mitchel using my cum as lube to fuck Aaron, he pounds & pounds until he’s ready to explode. He shoots his load all over Aaron’s hole. Wanting to get Mitchís cum deep inside, Aaron tells him to stick it in again. Mitch re-inserts and pushes his jizz in as deep as he can go. He pumps Aaronís ass making sure he leaves a nice amount of cum deep inside.

Everyone is left drained, filled with each-other’s cum & all smiles.

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Jordan Fox & Oscar Roberts – Thick Dicked Power Top Dominates Athletic Young Hottie from Hot Brits

Thick dicked power top Jordan Fox dominates athletic young hottie Oscar Roberts in this very hot scene. After some nipple play and hard bulge groping, the lads get their dicks out, both are hung and uncut, Jordans is super thick.. Getting on his knees Oscar sucks the fat meat, getting his throat fucked in the process..

On the sofa they suck some more, Jordan is pretty rough and forceful… Then he plays with Oscars arse, spitting onto his hole then pushing the spit in with his thumb, stretching his hole.. Eager to fuck now, Jordan fucks him on the floor first, and Oscar can only just handle the hefty girth… Next, Oscar is up against the sofa for a harder, deeper fuck..

Laying on his back now, Oscar takes a final pounding as Jordan bangs his hole some more, his muscles bulging and shiny with sweat.. Unable to hold off any longer, Oscar jerks himself off as Jordan fucks him, shooting plenty of thick cum over himself.. Jordan pulls out and stands over him, wanking his thick meat hard till he spunks his load over Oscars cum drenched six pack.

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JordanFox_OscarRoberts_007 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_035 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_089 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_110 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_138 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_205 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_284 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_306 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_323 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_401 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_403 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_425 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_460 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_498 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_519 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_560 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_600 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_643 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_682 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_718 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_728 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_785 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_826 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_841 JordanFox_OscarRoberts_871

Sergi Rodriguez solo – Masculine, Big Muscle, Bottom Lad, Poses, Flexes & Shoots His Load.

With his dark features and heavy stubble, Sergi is a handsome lad, not tall, but his muscles are huge. Taking off his sports vest, he shows off his sensational body, flexing his massive biceps, tensing his hairy chest with beefy bulging pecs.. His legs are huge too.. He is very confident and puts on an awesome show..

Sergi strips to his skimpy briefs and gropes his bulge, getting it hard in his undies, then pulls them off, and starts working his juicy uncut meat.. He pours lube over it, rubs it in, jerking off slow, then gives us some hot hands free action as he flexes his muscles, hard on permantently throbbing.. He gets down on all fours on the floor and pulls his butt cheeks apart to show us his smooth hole, pushing his stiff dick between his legs, then stands for more cock play and muscle flexing..

On the sofa now, Sergi strokes his dick and rubs his hole with the other hand, then continues working on his hard cock, keeping it slow, showing off his meat and muscles to the camera.. Then builds up to a very hot climax as he shoots his thick white juice over his bulging six pack..
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Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone Flip-Fuck!

Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone are a real-life couple, and after watching them fuck, you’ll immediately know why. The way their bodies move and flow together just seems so effortless, and you can tell there’s real passion when they kiss.

Brandon’s been working in the industry for a while, but this marks one of Samuel’s first scenes. Samuel is no amateur to sex, though, so it’s always extra hot to see a new guy express himself on camera the first few times — especially when he’s actually dating the guy. And even though he’s the quiet type, Samuel released all inhibitions when he started pounding Brandon. Similarly, Brandon sure had fun turning the tables when Samuel started riding his cock!

Interestingly, Samuel finished with Brandon’s dick firmly up his ass — he even let Brandon give him a nice facial at the end. I guess it just goes to show that any guy can start as the aggressor and finish with a load on his chin when he’s in love!

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